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We know how daunting managing and overseeing your project can be, but we’re here to make the process smooth and easy.

As one of the most expensive rooms to renovate is bathroom renovation. a bathroom can make or break a deal when buying or selling a home. We serve for Bathroom renovation in Georgia USA. homeowners are looking for rooms that don’t need much work to be done. When you go for remodeling. Today, double bathroom sinks and walk-in showers are popular, while oversized bathtubs and bathroom storage are also frequently sought after. Check for which you have space for, what materials are worth using, and then find a way to add much-needed storage for beauty accessories and extra towels.

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High Quality Standard

We ensure we maintain the highest standard when it comes to quality. We thrive on superior service. We use certified materials and most importantly provide quality workmanship.

Hassle Free Experience

We believe in curating hassle-free experiences for our customers. From ideation to completion, we carefully oversee every stage of renovation, prioritizing customer satisfaction at every stage.

On-Time Completion

We work on adhering to strict schedules and delivering projects on-time and keeping our clients aware of the entire work in progress from start to finish.

Cost Transparency

The customer is made aware of cost at every stage and can track payment flow information at any point of time. We maintain complete transparency with payments.


Our tech-enable platform streamlines the entire process of renovation. From payment to progress reports, the customer as well as the workforce involved has unhindered access to credible information, all online.


We provide a 1-year warranty on construction of an additional floor and 6 months General Warranty on other services in plumbing, electrical, carpentry and more.

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Bathrooms Remodeling Service in Georgia

We assist you to brighten your ideas on bathroom products because your house invariably contains a few constant fixtures (shower, tub, rest room and sink), the accessories square measure those that build the area really distinctive. If you’re a matchy-matchy sort, Platinum general contracting LLC for Bathroom remodeling in georgia , you'll get a corresponding tissue box, tray, dispenser and dustbin, however confirm to incorporate different styles for variation. For slightly of luxury, embody a towel hotter, a makeup mirror associate even an armchair or stool for lolling

Bathroom Interior Design

We are Expert bathroom renovators, when it involves interior design of Bathroom, most of the people have bother thinking differently. Sure, it would be exhausting to seek out ways that to show a bland, all-white space into a heat, inviting retreat, however it’s attainable, as several artistic designers and householders have shown. rather than being glad with associate uninteresting washroom, give it new life by adding everything from cheap materials like bathtub mats, or fashionable vessel sink

Bathroom Renovation in georgia has never been so easy. Platinum general contracting LLC one of the most trusted Bathroom Renovation Company in georgia USA and breath easy. We handle end to end bathroom renovation work from suggesting ideas, plumbing, tiling, flooring to complete overhauling of your existing bathroom.

Take advantage of our free site inspection and quotation services. During this process our Certified Civil Engineer will visit your property, provide suggestion and estimates without charging a single dollar, giving you complete freedom to choose the type of materials, budget and designing for your Bathroom.

Platinum general contracting LLC We are transparent in terms of product cost and flexible to work at your location based on convenience.

Stages of Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling requires a lot of planning in terms of size, design, materials used, finalizing the cost based on budget and preferred time to carry out renovation work. With Platinum general contracting LLC Bathroom renovation services, You don’t have to worry about all these. Right from your initial contact Platinum general contracting LLC, you will be in touch with a Certified Civil Engineer who will provide guidance at every stage as per our organized approach.

A) Review Our profoundly qualified specialists visit the customer's place, break down each alcove and corner, and give feasible plan thoughts dependent on their given details.

B) Design Sharing and Client Approval Based on the customers necessities our specialists plan and offer the thoughts with you. You have full freedom to one or the other go with the suggested plans or settle on customisation. Upon your endorsement of the citation or bundle, the cycle proceeds onward to the following stage. Contract Approval and Booking Agreement During this stage we gauge the expense of the absolute task contingent on the materials and details and gain your endorsement to consent to an arrangement. Booking understanding will incorporate all potential expenses including the items, materials and work alongside the time span to begin and finish the task.

C ) Finalizing Start Date and Advance Now that you have an away from of your new restroom post redesign, we conclude the beginning date and take the development sum. Post Advance installment our group of specialists will begin to construct you another restroom according to our desires.

D) Project execution After Design Approved at that point project execution start. This stage incorporates everything, for example, acquirement of crude materials, allotting workforce and making the show-stopper. Handover Once Execution is finished all the imaginative arranging and configuration takes life, the task is at long last given over to the customer.

Stages of Renovation

A renovation project is carried out in various stages to keep track of the progress and ensure that execution is done correctly. The entire project has to traverse through these stages of renovation i.e. inspection and quotation approval & booking, design (if needed), procurement of raw materials, appointing the labour force & supervisor, execution & monitoring, and handover.

    Inspection & Quotation Sharing

    Home renovation starts with inspecting the house and jotting down all the wants of the client. After a radical inspection, the quotation is shared with them.

    Approval & Booking

    Client’s approval is important after the quotation is shared. On approval, the client is required to finish the booking agreement post which the project moves to the design/procurement phase.

    Design (Only If there's A Requirement)

    Once the booking agreement is completed, the project progresses to subsequent stage i.e. Design. This stage is merely required if there's a requirement for construction of any structure. Expert architects will design an idea and send an invitation for approval. Henceforth, procurement of raw materials are going to be done to start out the method of execution. If there's no need for design, this stage is skipped and therefore the project directly moves to execution.

    Appointing Labour Force And Supervisor

    Before starting the execution process, a labour force is assigned to the project alongside a supervisor to stay track of the progress and monitor the labour force.

    No Surprises or Additional Costs

    The quoted (and agreed upon) cost is what we charge albeit there happens to be a sudden minor spike within the price of materials. Unless there's an entire change in plan (addition, subtraction or alteration), the worth remains constant.

    Execution & Monitoring

    Whether it’s full home renovation, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation or minor renovation work, daily updates (images and videos) of the progress are provided to the client via Whatsapp. to stay a check on the general schedule of the project, our supervisor sends a report thrice during a week. The raw materials are procured as and once they are needed.


    This is the ultimate stage when the project is completed and therefore the renovated house is handed over to the client.

What is the Quality of Materials We Use?

We give the highest priority to client satisfaction and so we never compromise on the quality of materials used during home or office renovation. From basic sand, bricks, and cement to paint, wood, and electricals, we use the best quality of materials to maintain the highest quality standards. Whether it’s some minor renovation project or a major house renovation project, we make sure to provide the best quality (in both materials and services). Below are the quality standards we use for our raw materials


    There are various sorts of bricks used during a renovation project. Red Bricks, Table Moulded Bricks, Wire Cut Bricks, Burnt Clay Bricks, Sand Lime Bricks and Concrete Solid Blocks (sizes ranging between 4”, 6” and 8”) are most ordinarily used during the method . Platinum General Contractor experts recommend using Red Bricks because it provides high compression power, fire resistance, and it also can withstand severe wind and extreme weather . This makes it an appropriate construction material.


    Cement is judged on its power of compression relative to its composition. it's classified into 3 grades - 53 Grade, 43 Grade and 33 Grade. As per the standards, Platinum General Contractor prefers using 53 Grade cement on the inspiration and 43 Grade cement during the development .


    Sand is a crucial element to make concrete or cement. M Sand or Natural Sand is employed to supply the very best quality of Concrete and Plastering. Our Platinum General Contractor experts advice using M Sand during the inspiration of the building and Natural Sand at the time of plastering.

    Candid and Transparent

    Know what exactly you’re paying for while your house renovation project is under progress. Get full transparency right down to the standard and amount of materials used. Just in case you aren’t convinced about something and need more details, you'll always reach out to our relationship manager.


    We provide various tiling options like Vitrified, Ceramic, Granite, Marble, Italian, etc, for flooring counting on the client’s budget. Platinum General Contractor recommends using Ceramic tiles with any quiet finish like matte, glazed, embossed and textured for toilet and balcony floorings. For the front room , bedroom and other parts of the house, using vitrified tiles is advisable.


    As per Platinum General Contractor experts, for wooden floors its best to use pre-laminated wood because it provides water resistance, robust strength, and crowd pleasing finish.


    Electricals are during a ll|one amongst|one in every one among the foremost important works in a home/office or commercial renovation project. If not done correctly, it is often hazardous. Hence Platinum General Contractor prioritizes quality and uses Finolex cables or a cloth like it.

    Bathware Fittings

    Leaky pipes are annoying and may raise damp wall concerns. to form sure that it doesn't happen within the future, using top quality of PVC pipes or equivalent quality pipes is suggested by Platinum General Contractor experts

    False Ceiling

    A false ceiling increases the charm of interiors. With the utilization of plasterboard or Saint Gobain channels we make sure that it not only looks amazing but is additionally of top quality .

Renovation Budget Planning

It is important to keep track of budget when renovating the house else one can end up spending more money than necessary. Whether it’s complete home renovation or individual parts of the house like kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, etc; the cost is split into various elements - demolition of unwanted/damaged structures, debris removal, purchase of raw materials for reconstruction, labourers and supervisors.

Know How Much you'll Afford

It is obvious that one cannot spend quite they will afford, but since renovation may be a project where money can flow through your pocket sort of a running river, it's best to stay an end cap to what you've got to spend

Call The Experts

A budget definitely can't be made before inspection of the house and moving ahead with renovation without a budget are often disastrous. Call our expert and obtain an in depth report on things to be renovated with a quotation.

Know What you bought to Do-Requirement vs Need

Requirement isn't always like need; therefore inspection is administered to supply assistance to clients on whether or not they need complete house renovation or simply some redone. This directly affects the budget and thus a home inspection is one among the foremost important things to try to do before preparing a budget.

Know What you're Paying For

To avoid over expenditure, always know the small print of where your money is being invested. Having an honest contractor with complete transparency is important to stay to the budget and that's why we charge money just for actual work.

Plan B for Budget

Sometimes there are some unexpected or accidental mishaps that happen and one can never be too sure of everything going perfect. So, it is best to stay about 10%-15% of the project cost aside, just in case of unforeseen consequences. an equivalent budget plan is followed for office renovation also .

The Payment Plan

A systematic way of payment is equally essential because of the budget plan and that's why we've a singular way of accepting payments to take care of absolute transparency. We only take payments for the quantity of real work done, ensuring that clients pay just for the work done and zip more. The payment is split into several parts supporting progress of the project.